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C. Kannan vs Returning Officer on 25 January, 1989
Hardwari Lal vs Kanwal Singh on 7 December, 1971
Raja Bahadur K. C. Deo Bhanj vs Raghunath Misra And Others on 18 December, 1958
Dipak Kumar Das vs Mrinal Kanti Roy And Ors. on 17 December, 1997
Baldev Singh Mann vs Surjit Singh Dhiman on 8 December, 2006

[Section 123] [Complete Act]
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Central Government Act
Section 123(7) in The Representation of the People Act, 1951
(7) The obtaining or procuring or abetting or attempting to obtain or procure by a candidate or his agent or, by any other person 11[with the consent of a candidate or his election agent], any assistance (other than the giving of vote) for the furtherance of the prospects of that candidate’s election, from any person in the service of the Government and belonging to any of the following classes, namely:—
(a) gazetted officers;
(b) stipendiary judges and magistrates;
(c) members of the armed forces of the Union;
(d) members of the police forces;
(e) excise officers; 13[(f) revenue officers other than village revenue officers known as lambardars, malguzars, patels, deshmukhs or by any other name, whose duty is to collect land revenue and who are remunerated by a share of, or commission on, the amount of land revenue collected by them but who do not discharge any police functions; and]
(g) such other class of persons in the service of the Government as may be prescribed: 14[Provided that where any person, in the service of the Government and belonging to any of the classes aforesaid, in the discharge or purported discharge of his official duty, makes any arrangements or provides any facilities or does any other act or thing, for, to, or in relation to, any candidate or his agent or any other person acting with the consent of the candidate or his election agent (whether by reason of the office held by the candidate or for any other reason), such arrangements, facilities or act or thing shall not be deemed to be assistance for the furtherance of the prospects of that candidate’s election.] 15[(8) Booth capturing by a candidate or his agent or other person.] Explanation.—(1) In this section the expression “agent” includes an election agent, a polling agent and any person who is held to have acted as an agent in connection with the election with the consent of the candidate.