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M/S. Gic Housing Finance Ltd. And ... vs The State Of Maharashtra And Anr on 12 August, 2015
Anil B. Nadkarni And Ors. vs Amitesh Kumar, Dy. Commr. Of ... on 22 June, 2001
State vs . Pradeep Kumar Rana & Others on 6 May, 2014
Suryamunni Devi @ Suryamunna Devi ... vs State Of Bihar & Anr on 13 July, 2016
Gurmeet Singh Rana & Another vs Rajinder Kumar & Another on 8 July, 2010

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Central Government Act
Section 383 in The Indian Penal Code
383. Extortion.—Whoever intentionally puts any person in fear of any injury to that person, or to any other, and thereby dishon­estly induces the person so put in fear to deliver to any person any property or valuable security, or anything signed or sealed which may be converted into a valuable security, commits “extor­tion”. Illustrations
(a) A threatens to publish a defamatory libel concerning Z unless Z gives him money. He thus induces Z to give him money. A has committed extortion.
(b) A threatens Z that he will keep Z’s child in wrongful con­finement, unless Z will sign and deliver to A a promissory note binding Z to pay certain monies to A. Z signs and delivers the note. A has committed extortion.
(c) A threatens to send club-men to plough up Z’s field unless Z will sign and deliver to B a bond binding Z under a penalty to deliver certain produce to B, and thereby induces Z to sign and deliver the bond. A has committed extortion.
(d) A, by putting Z in fear of grievous hurt, dishonestly induces Z to sign or affix his seal to a blank paper and deliver it to A. Z signs and delivers the paper to A. Here, as the paper so signed may be converted into a valuable security. A has committed extor­tion.