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Smt.Rabri Devi vs State Of Bihar on 10 July, 2014
Deepak Ganpatrao Salunke vs Governor Of Maharashtra & Others on 18 July, 1998
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Venkata Krishnarao vs G. Appalaswamy And Anr. on 27 February, 1956

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Central Government Act
Section 171B in The Indian Penal Code
164 [171B. Bribery.—
(1) Whoever—
(i) gives a gratification to any person with the object of induc­ing him or any other person to exercise any electoral right or of rewarding any person for having exercised any such right; or
(ii) accepts either for himself or for any other person any gratification as a reward for exercising any such right or for inducing or attempting to induce any other person to exercise any such right; commits the offence of bribery: Provided that a declaration of public policy or a promise of public action shall not be an offence under this section.
(2) A person who offers, or agrees to give, or offers or attempts to procure, a gratification shall be deemed to give a gratifica­tion.
(3) A person who obtains or agrees to accept or attempts to obtain a gratification shall be deemed to accept a gratification, and a person who accepts a gratification as a motive for doing what he does not intend to do, or as a reward for doing what he has not done, shall be deemed to have accepted the gratification as a reward.]