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Constituent Assembly Debates On 2 June, 1949 Part I
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M. Balakrishna Reddy vs Director, Cbi, New Delhi on 14 March, 2008
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M/S. M.R.F. Ltd vs Manohar Parrikar & Ors on 3 May, 2010
Engineering And Metal Workers ... vs Commissioner Of Labour And Ors. on 24 January, 2003

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Central Government Act
Article 166 in The Constitution Of India 1949
166. Conduct of business of the Government of a State
(1) All executive action of the Government of a State shall be expressed to be taken in the name of the Governor
(2) Orders and other instruments made and executed in the name of the Governor shall be authenticated in such manner as may be specified in rules to be made by the Governor, and the validity of an order on instruction which is so authenticated shall not be called in question on the ground that it is not an order or instrument made or executed by the Governor
(3) The Governor shall make rules for the more convenient transaction of the business of the Government of the State, and for the allocation among Ministers of the said business in so far as it is not business with respect to which the Governor is by or under this Constitution required to act in his discretion