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Lok Sabha Debates
Need To Include The Community 'Kattu Naicker' In Tribal List. on 3 May, 2012

> Title: Need to include the Community 'Kattu Naicker' in tribal list.

SHRI K. SHIVKUMAR ALIAS J.K. RITHEESH (RAMANATHAPURAM): Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman Sir, for giving me an opportunity to raise an important and sensitive issue of my constituency. 

        We all know the importance of education.  More than 5000 tribal families are living in my constituency without education.  They are having voter identity card, ration card etc. but they do not have community certificate.  Due to that, their children are allowed to study up to 5th standard only.  After that, they are not permitted to continue their studies. This is the basic and fundamental record for their future.  Their fundamental rights are being denied.

        They had migrated from other districts to my district during the ‘Kings’ Regime’ to chase away the birds.  After that, they are working as coolies, construction labourers, and agricultural labourers.  Still they are doing the same work.  But now, as everything is modernized and mechanized, they are unable to find the work to win their daily bread.

        Even if the community certificates are issued to them on war-foot basis, right now, of course, it may not be helpful to them but their next generation will be benefited after 20 years. Sir, they are still under bondage. Every month they are expressing their feelings by indulging in hunger strikes, protests, dharnas, etc.           Practically they did not get the freedom in their life. The State Government could not issue the Community Certificate as their community named Kattu Naicker is not listed in the Gazette. 

          Now, I urge the Government to take necessary steps to include their community in the tribal list and help them to come up in the ‘society’ at par with other tribals listed in the Gazetted.