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Age : 38 Years vs State Of Maharashtra on 25 July, 2014
Age : 38 Years vs State Of Maharashtra on 25 July, 2014
Age : 38 Years vs State Of Maharashtra on 25 July, 2014
Chairman, Bda vs Shivanna on 30 March, 1992
M.S. Jaffer Sheriff vs City Improvement Trust Board on 8 November, 1985

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Central Government Act
Section 16 in The Land Acquisition Act, 1894
16 Power to take possession. —When the Collector has made an award under section 11, he may take possession of the land, which shall thereupon 45 [vest absolutely in the 46 [Government]], free from all encumbrances. STATE AMENDMENT
Karnataka —(1) In section 16, for the word “Collector”, substitute the words “Deputy Commissioner”; and
(2) Section 16 renumbered as sub-section (1) thereof, and after sub-section, (1), sorenumbered, add the following sub-section, namely:— “(2) The fact of such taking possession may be notified by Deputy Commissioner in the Official Gazette; and such notification shall be evidence of such fact”. [ Vide Mysore Act 17 of 1961, secs. 4 and 18 (w.e.f. 24-8-1961)]. This Act has been declared to be in force in— The Act has also been declared by notification under the Scheduled Districts Act, 1874 (14 of 1874) to be in force in— Extended to N.E.F.A. by the North East Frontier Agency (Extension of Laws) Regulation, 1960 (3 of 1960).
(1) Santhal Parganas by the Santhal Parganas Settlement Regulations, 1872 (3 of 1872), sec. 3;
(2) Khondmals District by the Khondmals Laws Regulations, 1936 (4 of 1936), sec. 3 and Sch.; and
(3) the Angul District by the Angul Laws Regulations, 1936 (5 of 1936), sec. 3 and Sch.
(1) the Districts of Hazaribagh, Lohardaga (now called the Ranchi District, see Calcutta Gazette, 1899, Pt.I, p.44), Manbhum, Pargana Dhalbhum and the Kolhan in the District of Singhbhum see Gazette of India, 1894, Pt. I, p. 400; and
(2) the District of Palamau, see Gazette of India, 1894; Pt. I, p. 639.