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Lok Sabha Debates
Demand Of "Patta'' By The 'Gadriya Lohar' Backward Classes Of ... on 5 June, 1998

> Title : Demand of `Patta' by the `Gadriya Lohar' Backward Classes of Rajasthan and need to provide them education facilities, Ration etc. SHRI RAM NARA1N MEENA (KOTA) : Hon'ble Mr. Chairman, Sir, through you, ! would like to draw the attention of the Government towads a fact. We talk about alieviation of poverty, but the descendents of Maharana Pratap - the Gadia Lohar do not have any houses. Most of the people from this community are living below poverty line. They have requested the Government to provide them a place where they could live....  (Interruptions)

SHRi VIRENDRA SiNGH : Mr. Chairman, Sir, I also support his point that houses should be provided to these people.

SHRi RAM NARAIN MEENA : They have re­quested the Government to give them patta (leasse). I have got proof in this regard. No grant is being re­leased for housing in Rajasthan. Hundred applications are received and only two persons get the grant while the rest are put to unnecessary trouble. Whenever I visit my constituency or Bundi or Kota, I receive a stream of visitors. They are living in a very bad condi­tion. They are somehow making both ends meet work­ing as blacksmiths. I would give you an example. An application was submitted in 1994 to the Sarpanch of village Panchayat Morukala, District Kota in Rajasthan. The Development Officer, Sangod wrote on 31.8.95 but not even a single person out of 60 has got a lease of house so far and these people are still living in village Dara. The District Collector wrote to the Sarpanch of village Panchayat, Morukala (Dara Station) on 18.9.96 that ration cards should be issued to them so that they get kerosene and sugar at minimum rate, but no ration cards have been issued so far. Hence, through you, I would like to submit to the Government that such is the situation there and the Government of Rajasthan is not paying any attention towards the poor, hence, the Un­ion Government should pay attention in this regard, i have also written to the Minister of State of the Ministry of Welfare, Shrimati Maneka Gandhi. It is a very seri­ous matter. Gadia Lohar is the poorest community in the country. No attention has been paid towards them to ensure their upliftment and progress. Their children are not educated. Not a single child from this commu­nity would be found literate. They had vowed not to settle anywhere permanently till they regained the con­trol of Chittor. We have a duty towards them. Late Shri    Jawahar La! Nehru had done a lot for them. The rules •drafted under the regime of Jawahar Lai ji are still in force. Announcements are made in the newspapers but nobody has ever thought about these people. Hence, through you, I would like to submit  submit that the children of Gadia Lohar Community are illiterate and there is a need to educate them and ensure that they are perma­nently settled. The Union Government should take ac­tion at the earliest and should provide help to ensure their settlement. The lease for houses should be given to them and their needs should be attended to on priority basis. With these words, ! thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak.

{English] MR. CHAIRMAN  :    The House stands adjourned to meet again at 3 p.m.     [English]