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Sushil Ansal vs State Thr.Cbi on 5 March, 1947
Sushil Ansal vs State Thr.Cbi on 5 March, 2014
Kanwaljit Kaur Eye Witness vs State Of Punjab 1979 (4) Scc 719 ... on 20 November, 2007
Gopal Ansal vs State (Through Central Bureau Of ... on 19 December, 2008
Mr. Magadi Shankar Rao Krishna ... vs The Commissioner Of Police on 28 October, 2015

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Central Government Act
Section 36 in The Indian Penal Code
36. Effect caused partly by act and partly by omission.—Wherever the causing of a certain effect, or an attempt to cause that effect, by an act or by an omission, is an offence, it is to be understood that the causing of that effect partly by an act and partly by an omission is the same offence. Illustration A intentionally causes Z’s death, partly by illegally omitting to give Z food, and partly by beating Z. A has committed murder.