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State Of West Bengal vs Brindaban Chandra Pramanik And ... on 24 July, 1956
Tamil Nadu Generation And ... vs Ppn Power Generating Company Pvt ... on 22 February, 2013
Rahimuddin Ahammad vs State Of West Bengal on 19 December, 1958
T.N.Generation & Distbn. Corpn ... vs Ppn Power Gen.Co.Pvt.Ltd on 4 April, 1947
T.N.Generation & Distbn. Corpn ... vs Ppn Power Gen.Co.Pvt.Ltd on 4 April, 2014

[Article 10(2)] [Article 10] [Constitution]
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Central Government Act
Article 10(2)(b) in The Constitution Of India 1949
(b) was holding office as any other Judge of a High Court in any Province and has on such commencement become a Judge (other than the Chief Justice) of the High Court in the corresponding State under the said clause, shall, if he was immediately before such commencement drawing a salary at a rate higher than that specified in sub paragraph ( 1 ) of this paragraph, be entitled to receive in respect of time spent on actual service as such Chief Justice or other Judge, as the case may be, in addition to the salary specified in the said sub paragraph as special pay an amount equivalent to the difference between the salary so specified and the salary which he was drawing immediately before such commencement