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Central Government Act
Section 24 in The Indian Electricity Act, 1910
24. Discontinuance of supply to consumer neglecting to pay charge.—1[
(1) ] Where any person neglects to pay any charge for energy or any 2[sum, other than a charge for energy,] due from him to a licensee in respect of the supply of energy to him, the licensee may, after giving not less than seven clear days’ notice in writing to such person and without prejudice to his right to recover such charge or other sum by suit, cut off the supply and for that purpose cut or disconnect any electric supply-line or other works, being the property of the licensee, through which energy may be supplied, and may discontinue the supply until such charge or other sum, together with any expenses incurred by him in cutting off and re-connecting the supply, are paid, but no longer. 3[(2)] 4[***] Where any difference or dispute 5[which by or under this Act is required to be determined by an Electrical Inspector, has been referred to the Inspector] before notice as aforesaid has been given by the licensee, the licensee shall not exercise the powers conferred by this section until the Inspector has given his decision: 6[Provided that the prohibition contained in this sub-section shall not apply in any case in which the licensee has made a request in writing to the consumer for a deposit with the 7[Electrical Inspector] of the amount of the licensee’s charges or other sums in dispute or for the deposit of the licensee’s further charges for energy as they accrue, and the consumer has failed to comply with such request.]