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Central Government Act
Section 115 in The Companies Act, 1956
115. Share warrants and entries in register of members.
(1) On the issue of a share warrant, the company shall strike out of its register of members the name of the member then entered therein as holding the shares specified in the warrant as if he had ceased to be a member, and shall enter in that register the following particulars, namely:-
(a) the fact of the issue of the warrant;
(b) a statement of the shares specified in the warrant, distinguishing each share by its number; and
(c) the date of the issue of the warrant.
(2) The bearer of a share warrant shall, subject to the articles of the company, be entitled, on surrendering the warrant for cancella- tion and paying such fee to the company as the, Board of directors may from time to time determine, to have his name entered as a member in the register of members.
1. Subs. by Act 31 of 1988, s. 17 (w. e. f. 31- 5- 1991 ).
2. Ins. by Act 22 of 1996, s. 31 and Sch. (w. e. f. 20- 9- 1995 ).
(3) The company shall be responsible for any loss incurred by any person by reason of the company entering in its register of mem- bers the name of a bearer of a share warrant in respect of the shares therein specified, without the warrant being surrendered and cancelled.
(4) Until the warrant is surrendered, the particulars specified in sub- section (1) shall be deemed to be the particulars required by this Act to be entered in the register of members; and, on the surrender, the date of the surrender shall be entered in that register.
(5) Subject to the provisions of this Act, the bearer of a share warrant may, if the articles of the company so provide, be deemed to be a member of the company within the meaning of this Act, for any purposes defined in the articles.
(6) If default is made in complying with any of the requirements of this section, the company and every officer of the company who is in default, shall be punishable with fine which may extend to fifty rupees for every day during which the default continues. Penalty for personation of shareholder