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Section 7(6) in The Right To Information Act, 2005

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Central Information Commission
Dr. J. L. Gupta vs Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College on 28 January, 2010
                    Club Building, Opposite Ber Sarai Market,
                      Old JNU Campus, New Delhi - 110067.
                              Tel: +91-11-26161796

                                                    Decision No.CIC/SG/A/2009/002947/6587
                                                          Appeal No. CIC/SG/A/2009/002947

Appellant                                   :      Dr. J. L. Gupta
                                                   CP-18, Maurya Enclave,

Respondent                                  :      Mr. A.P.Suri
                                                   Public Information Officer &
                                                   Associate Prof.
                                                   Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College,
                                                   (University of Delhi),
                                                   Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi-110021

RTI application filed on                    :      24/06/2009
PIO replied                                 :      06/08/2009
First Appeal filed on                       :      28/07/2009
First Appellate Authority order             :      28/08/2009
Second Appeal Received on                   :      19/11/2009
Notice of Hearing Sent on                   :      26/12/2009
Hearing Held on                             :      28/01/2010

S.No         Information Sought                  PIO's Reply          Objection by the
1.     The names of the Teacher            Dr. V.S Dixit had been Names of Teacher In
       Incharge of Self Financing Course   acting as coordinator of charge of self SFS
       (SFS), v.i.z, B.Sc.(H) Computer     the    department     of v.i.z.,   B.Sc    (H)
       Science in ARSD college for the     computer Science.        Computer      Science
       academic      years    2004-2005                             not provided.
       onwards till 2008-09.
2      A copy of time table of Dr. V.S     Records for the year         Time Table records
       Dixit in ARSD College for the       2004-05, 2005-06 were        of Dr. Dixit for the
       academic years 2004-05 onwards      not available. However       year    were     not
       upto 2008-09.                       records for 2006-07,         provided.
                                           2007-08, 2008-09 and
                                           2009-10 were attached.
                                           (no copy in file)
3.     Name of the persons who have        Reply to Point no. 3 & 4     Prima facie does
       acted as superintendents of         were     attached.     No    seem to be true.
       examinations of SFC B.Sc.(H)        records available in the
       Computer Science in ARSD            college as reported by the
       College, University of Delhi for    Office.
       the last 5 years, w.e.f 2004-05.
4.     Copy of the data sheet duly signed (copy not in file)
       by the principal, sent by ASRD
           College in connection with
          examination   work     of    self
          financing    course      B.Sc(H)
          Computer Science for last 5 w.e.f

PIO's Reply:
Application was transferred to the Respondent vide letter dated 01/07/2009 by the PIO, Delhi

Grounds for First Appeal:
Information not provided.

Order of the First Appellate Authority:
"The matter was referred to the ARSD College by the PIO. The PIO informed this vide letter
dated 20/07/2009, which the appellant may not have received. A copy of the letter dated
20/07/2009 is enclosed."

Grounds for Second Appeal:
Complete information not provided. Other objections by the Appellant were mentioned above.

Relevant Facts

emerging during Hearing:

The following were present Appellant: Dr. J. L. Gupta;

Respondent: Mr. A.P.Suri, Public Information Officer & Associate Prof.; Mr. Shankar Kr. Paul, PA to PIO Mr. Jay Chanda(Delhi University); The PIO has given information but the Appellant feels that the replies would be clear in the following format:

1- Dr. Dixit was coordinator of the Computer Science and B.Sc. Honors SFS.

On some of the other queries the PIO has stated that no records are available. The Appellant feels that these records should have been available.


The appeal is allowed.

The PIO will give the information as directed above to the Appellant before 15 February 2010.

This decision is announced in open chamber. Notice of this decision be given free of cost to the parties. Any information in compliance with this Order will be provided free of cost as per Section 7(6) of RTI Act.

Shailesh Gandhi Information Commissioner 28 January 2010 (In any correspondence on this decision, mention the complete decision number.)Rnj