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Alcove Industries Ltd. vs Oriental Structural Engineers ... on 28 December, 2007
Yashwitha Constructions (P) Ltd. ... vs Simplex Concrete Piles India Ltd. ... on 1 May, 2008
M/S. Trafalgar House ... vs Government Of Orissa on 12 September, 2013
Gangotri Enterprises Limited vs Ntpc Tamil Nadu Energy Company ... on 16 January, 2017
Shri Pinaki Das Gupta vs Publicis (India) Communications ... on 7 October, 2004

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Central Government Act
14. Failure or impossibility to act.—
(1) The mandate of an arbitrator shall terminate if—
(a) he becomes de jure or de facto unable to perform his functions or for other reasons fails to act without undue delay; and
(b) he withdraws from his office or the parties agree to the termination of his mandate.
(2) If a controversy remains concerning any of the grounds referred to inclause (a) of sub-section (1), a party may, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, apply to the Court to decide on the termination of the mandate.
(3) If, under this section or sub-section (3) of section 13, an arbitrator withdraws from his office or a party agrees to the termination of the mandate of an arbitrator, it shall not imply acceptance of the validity of any ground referred to in this section or sub-section (3) of section 12.