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Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 20. Executive Magistrates. (1) In every district and in every metropolitan area, the State Government ... many persons as it thinks fit to be Executive Magistrates and shall appoint one of them to be the District
Central Government Act
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Judicial Magistrates of the second class; and (iv) Executive Magistrates
Central Government Act
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Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 21. Special Executive Magistrates. The State Government may appoint, for such term ... think fit, Executive Magistrates, to be known as Special Executive Magistrates for particular areas or for the performance of particular
Central Government Act
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Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 22. Local jurisdiction of Executive Magistrates. (1) Subject to the control of the State Government ... local limits of the areas within which the Executive Magistrates may exercise all or any of the powers with which
Central Government Act
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Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 23. Subordination of Executive Magistrates. (1) All Executive Magistrates, other than the Additional District Magistrate ... Code, as to the distribution of business among the Executive Magistrates subordinate to him and as to the allocation
Central Government Act
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Procedure, 1973 478. Power to alter functions allocated to Executive Magistrates in certain cases. 1 If the Legislative Assembly ... sections 108, 109, 110, 145 and 147 to an Executive Magistrate shall be construed as references to a Judicial Magistrate
Central Government Act
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under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, on the Executive Magistrates in the State for a temporary period ... justice and fair trial cannot be ensured under the Executive Magistrates, inasmuch as some of them are not legally qualified
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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ABOLITION) ACT, 1976 21. Offences to be tried by Executive Magistrates.— (1) The State Government may confer, on an Executive
Central Government Act
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Judicial Magistrates of the Second Class, and 4. Executive Magistrates. A Judicial Magistrate of the First Class ... Chief Judicial Magistrate. All excepting the Executive Magistrates were to be appointed by the High Court. The Executive Magistrates were
Kerala High Court
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Magistrates, and there is first. Judicial Magistrates, and secondly Executive Magistrates There are four types of Judicial Magistrates including Chief ... number one, and again there are four types of Executive Magistrates including District Magistrates at number one. and Sub-Divisional
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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