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contractor in terms of the provisions of the CPWD Manual. Clause 7 of the said letter may in this connection ... shall be for skilled labour as per the CPWD Manual. 4. It is evident from a reading
Delhi High Court
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exclusively with promotions] of Volume I of the said CPWD Manual, (1970 Edition), diploma-holder Assistant Engineers are eligible ... disputed that if the aforesaid paragraph 13 of the CPWD Manual has valid application, diploma-holder Assistant Engineers would
Supreme Court of India
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therein in so far as it is against the CPWD Manual 2007, and direct the respondent to permit the petitioner ... laid down in any notice inviting tenders and the CPWD Manual 2003. The renewal of contract was issued
Madras High Court
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CPWA code read with para 17 of the CPWD Manual Volume-I which provides that, 17. The transfers of Divisional ... been pleaded that as per para 17 of CPWD Manual Volume-I read with para 4.2.1 of CPWA Code
Central Administrative Tribunal - Delhi
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applicant submits that the provisions made in CPWD Manual Vol.II, on the basis of which the charges ... applicable during the period 1997-98. As per the CPWD Manual Vol.II 1995, which was applicable at that time
Central Administrative Tribunal - Hyderabad
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circular dated 13.6.1995 and clauses 20.11.2 and 20.12.2 of CPWD Manual. The applicant claims to have prepared the MRJ strictly ... parameters of law in accordance with the provisions of CPWD Manual and placed the same in the tender file
Central Administrative Tribunal - Delhi
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violated certain provisions of the CPWD Manual Vol.2, 1988 edition, regarding obtaining revised administrative approval, revised expenditure sanction ... violating the provisions of para 2.23.1 & 2.3 of CPWD Manual Vol.II (1988 edition). In connection with this work
Central Administrative Tribunal - Delhi
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apex. As per the provisions in the AIR Manual, CPWD Manuals are applicable to the CCW. As per the provisions ... undergone changes and as per the latest Manual, namely, CPWD Manual Regular Establishment and Office Procedure, 2013 Edition, Chapter
Central Administrative Tribunal - Ernakulam
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investigation was conducted. The investigation revealed that MTNL adopts CPWD manual in respect of civil works and the CPWD Codes ... accused persons in conspiracy with each other violated the CPWD Manual regarding calling of tenders and made the payment without
Delhi District Court
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test check by Executive Engineer. CPWD manual mandated satisfaction of aforesaid officers to be recorded during the test check. There ... Tyagi and accepted subĀ­standard work in violation of CPWD manual, causing wrongful gain to Rakesh Tyagi and wrongful loss
Delhi District Court
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