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matter because this is a regular feature where parties in person come and want to argue their own cases. Invariably ... have found that the parties in person are not able to assist the Court properly as they are not trained
Andhra High Court
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where such political party is a recognised political party, such persons not exceeding forty in number, and (ii) where such ... political party is other than a recognised political party, such persons not exceeding twenty in number, whose names have been
Central Government Act
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political party or for any political purpose to any person during the financial year to which that account relates, giving ... total amount contributed and the name of the party or person to which or to whom such amount has been
Central Government Act
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Patil, J. Page 0582 1. The petitioner, party-in-person, questioning the legality or otherwise of the notice dated 26th ... brief facts of the case of petitioner, party-in-person in a nutshell are as follows: Respondent No. 4 herein
Karnataka High Court
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suit." 7. Non-Reasons Order :- 7.1 Mr. Dhruva - party in person has submitted that arbitrator need not give reasoning ... arbitrator cannot grant interest. Against that Mr.Dhruva party-in-person has submitted that in fact clause 16(2) only
Gujarat High Court
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that behalf without obtaining the prior permission of such party, person, authority and such voting or abstention has not been ... condoned by such party, person or authority within fifteen days from the date of such voting or abstention
Gujarat High Court
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Appearance : NOTICE SERVED for Petitioner(s) : 1,PARTY-IN-PERSON for Petitioner(s) : 1, RULE SERVED for Respondent ... Record reveals that the petitioner appearing as a party-in-person is litigating since 1986 and as on today also
Gujarat High Court
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HORMAZ B SHETHNA for Applicant(s) : 1, PARTY-IN-PERSON for Opponent(s) : 1, ========================================================= CORAM : HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE ... concerned so as to enable the opponent (party-in-person) in the Misc. Civil Application and Mr. Rakesh Amarsinh Damir
Gujarat High Court
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parties or otherwise, direct impleadment of any person as party, who ought to have been joined as plaintiff or defendant ... which empowers the Court to add any person as party at any stage of the proceedings if the person whose
Bombay High Court
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month. For Petitioner : Mr.K.Arul @ Arul Prakasam (Party-in-Person) For Respondent : Mr.D.Ravichander ... petitioner, Mr.K.Arul @ Arul Prakasam. Husband, as party in person, made submissions. 12. The petitioner/party in person submitted
Madras High Court
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