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basis of comments of the District Magistrate. The additional affidavit sworn to by the Commissioner and Secretary does not whisper ... Deputy Superintendent of Police, Jaisalmer in his additional affidavit filed on behalf of the respondents spumed that plea observing
Supreme Court of India
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petitioner still prays for time to file an additional affidavit giving complete facts and allegations in relation to the offending ... prayed." 13. It appears, thereafter an additional affidavit dated 3.6.2002 has, indeed, been filed by Paramjit Kaur, the first petitioner
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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asserted by the petitioners on the basis of an additional affidavit dated 30th June, 2007 disclosing that recently before filing ... additional affidavit dated 30th June, 2007 they came to know that Sh.Dwarka Nath and Mahender Nath had partitioned
Delhi High Court
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stop production after six months; the petitioner sought additional loan and availed the same to the tune ... Shri R.D. Soni had filed an affidavit on 17-7-1989 in this writ petition stating that
Rajasthan High Court
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September 1993. Thereafter, an additional affidavit in reply, sworn by Shri Rameshbhai R. Ulra, Chief Officer, Borsad Nagarpalika, affirmed ... attention of the Court to the contents of the Additional Affidavit-in-reply on behalf of the respondent sworn
Gujarat High Court
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Manager has been concluded. Both the parties may file additional affidavits by way of evidence, if any, by next date ... petitioner and IOCL to file their respective additional affidavits. Somehow, from hereon, IOCL waited for petitioner to file its additional
Delhi High Court
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time, the learned advocate for the applicants tendered an additional affidavit dated 19th October, 2011. Mr. B.Y. Mankad, learned ... made in the application as well as to the additional affidavit dated 19.9.2011 to submit that the delay that
Gujarat High Court
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Perfect Threat Mills Limited by way of 10th additional affidavit submitted in Company Application No.3/2006 in Company Petition ... deciding this petition but on the Company's seventh additional affidavit filed in Company Application No.3/2006 submitted
Rajasthan High Court - Jodhpur
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petitioner, with the leave of this Court, raised additional grounds for enabling it to . establish a distillery ... table, in G.O. Ms. No. 525. Counter-affidavit of the 1st and 2nd respondents: 6. An Officer on Special
Andhra High Court
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declared elected, as well as other constituencies. 3. An additional affidavit was filed by the petitioner ... filed by him for permission to place the aforesaid additional affidavit on record. 4. With respect to allegations of appealing
Delhi High Court
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