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rival in trade and an owner of an existing cinema theatre is an "aggrieved person" within the meaning ... Bombay Cinema Rules. 1954 entitling him to invoke the certiorari jurisdiction "ex- debito justitiae ' of the High Court for quashing
Supreme Court of India
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with knives while he was returning from Vishnupriya Cinema theatre, Gorantala, Guntur, after seeing a movie causing multiple injuries leading ... direct eye-witness (the Supervisor of the cinema theatre, owners of a Hotel and tea stall on the road side
Supreme Court of India
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Licence for construction of cinema--Duties of Commissioner of Police--Permission granted by Commissioner--Cancellation of licence by Government--Validity ... application by the respondent for permission to build a cinema on a site within the City of Bombay was rejected
Supreme Court of India
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Rule 13 of the Rules framed under the Madras Cinemas (Regulation) Act, 1955, it is necessary to state the facts ... exhibit cinematographic films in the theatre under Madras Cinemas (Regulation) Act, 1955, from 1955 onwards. The last of such licences
Madras High Court
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bench of the Delhi High Court in the Uphaar Cinema tragedy. CA No.7114-15/2003 is by the Municipal ... Clubotels Pvt. Ltd., the owners of the Uphaar Cinema Theatre (for short the `theatre owner' or `Licensee). 2 2. These
Supreme Court of India
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building which is used as a hotel or a cinema theatre can be considered to be apparatus or a tool ... building wherein either hotel business or business for cinema could be conducted? The aforesaid question is to be decided
Supreme Court of India
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Court of India Corporation Of Calcutta And ... vs Liberty Cinema on 14 December, 1964 Equivalent citations ... PETITIONER: CORPORATION OF CALCUTTA AND ANOTHER Vs. RESPONDENT: LIBERTY CINEMA DATE OF JUDGMENT: 14/12/1964 BENCH: SARKAR
Supreme Court of India
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concerns Validity. HEADNOTE: The South Indian Cinema Employees' Association, a regis- tered trade union whose members were the employees ... cinema houses operating in the Madras City including some of the employees of the Prabhat Talkies, submitted to the Labour
Supreme Court of India
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HEADNOTE: One C had obtained a lease of a cinema house which was to expire ... meantime litigation ensued between the owners of the cinema house, and the High Court appointed receivers to administer the property
Supreme Court of India
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Madras Town Planning Act, 1920--Cinema built in a residential area--Excess of statutory Power if could be validated ... conversion of Kalyan Mantap-cum-Lecture Hall into a cinema theatre. In a petition under article
Supreme Court of India
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