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into the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973-Validity of-Colourable legislation fraud- Meaning of-Doctrine of pith and substance-Applicability ... Procedure Code , 1973: Section 433A -Insertion of-Whether a colourable legislation-Constitutional validity of- IPC (Amendment) bill not passed
Supreme Court of India
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Government, if must act judicially in approving the scheme Colourable legislation', Meaning of- Motor Vehicles ... piece of colourable legislation whose real object was to take over their business, under cover of cancellation of permits
Supreme Court of India
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fact remains-constitutional questions revolving on : (i) Legislative competence ; (ii) Colourable piece of Legislation; (iii) Violation of rights under Articles ... arise for consideration in all these cases : I. Legislative competence ; II. Colourable piece of Legislation ; III. Violation of rights under
Madras High Court
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legislations in question the legislations are not colourable legislations in the sense that there was no direct and reasonable nexus ... report reiterated that a colourable piece of legislation with a different object altogether but merely dressed
Supreme Court of India
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Article 31 of the Constitution. 7. The doctrine of colourable legislation has no application where there is ample legislative competence ... subject of the legislation, the doctrine of colourable legislation or legislative incompetence can be invoked to declare the provision ultra
Gauhati High Court
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Orissa Agricultural Income-tax (Amendment) Act, 1950- Validity "Colourable legislation"-Tests of validity-Effect of ulterior motives-Provisions for vesting ... Constitution and as such invalid as it was a colourable legislation to effect a drastic reduction in the compensation payable
Supreme Court of India
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Constitution was advanced before us. The argument as to colourable legislation was on the ground that the Act is confiscatory ... want of legislative competence, and therefore no question of colourable legislation; and that the tax imposed
Kerala High Court
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243ZL of the Constitution of India and amounts to colourable legislation. (iv) As per Section 5 of the Amendment
Kerala High Court
- Cites 46 - Cited by 7 - Full Document
urged that the impugned Act was a piece of colourable legislation in that it had confiscated, under the guise ... Schedule to the Constitution and was a piece of colourable legislation. K.C. Gajapati Narayan Deo v. State of Orissa
Supreme Court of India
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Constitution and (3) that it was a piece of colourable legislation vitiated in part by excessive delegation of legislative power ... Constitution; that the said Act was a piece of colourable legislation and in any event a part of the provisions
Supreme Court of India
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