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Representation of the People Act, 1951 *123. Corrupt practices.—The following shall be deemed to be corrupt practices ... poll shall not be deemed to be a corrupt practice under this clause if the vehicle or vessel so hired
Central Government Act
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that any corrupt practice has been committed by a returned candidate or his election agent or by any other person ... improper acceptance or any nomination, or (ii) by any corrupt practice committed in the interests of the returned candidate
Central Government Act
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deem fit, allow the particulars of any corrupt practice alleged in the petition to be amended or amplified in such ... will have the effect of introducing particulars of a corrupt practice not previously alleged in the petition. (6) The trial
Central Government Act
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relies; (b) shall set forth full particulars of any corrupt practice that the petitioner alleges including as full a statement ... names of the parties alleged to have committed such corrupt practice and the date and place of the commission
Central Government Act
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other candidate against whom allegations of any corrupt practice are made in the petition
Central Government Act
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agents were guilty of a number of major corrupt practices which materially affected the result of the election. The petitioner ... paragraph I of the particulars and thereby commit the corrupt practice referred to in it ? (6) Did the 1st respondent
Supreme Court of India
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December 29, 1970 and was guilty of having committed corrupt practice by having obtained the assistance of gazetted officers ... High Court further found the appellant guilty of corrupt practice committed under section 123(7) of the Representation
Supreme Court of India
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however weak it may ultimately prove. The offence of corrupt practice u/s 123 of the Representation of the People ... petitioner stepped aside for a while; (d) the corrupt practices were corrupt in law and fact, fully proved and could
Supreme Court of India
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petition challenging the election of the respondent alleging various corrupt practices. The respondent upon being served, instead of filing ... protect and safeguard the purity of Elections, for, if corrupt practices have influenced the result, or the electorate has been
Supreme Court of India
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Necessity of proof that Candidate consented to specific corrupt practice-Editor of newspaper attacking one candidate-When can be deemed ... Section 100 (1) (b) and (d) (ii) deal with corrupt practices, and s. 123 sets out what shall be deemed
Supreme Court of India
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