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Nambiar JUDGMENT M. Sasidharan Nambiar, J. 1. Can a counterclaim be allowed to be raised subsequent to the filing ... argued that defendants having failed to raise a counterclaim in the written statement arc precluded from introducing a counter claim
Kerala High Court
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stage, the respondents made a prayer to treat the counterclaim as a plaint in a cross-suit, The trial court ... trial court with a direction that the counterclaim be treated as a plaint in the cross-suit and the reply
Supreme Court of India
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under Rule 6, set-up by way of counterclaim against the claim of the plaintiff, any right (SIC) respect ... limited for delivering his defence has expired whether such counterclaim is in the nature of a claim for damages
Supreme Court of India
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Court to the DRT to be tried as a counterclaim, and could a Coordinate two Judge Bench in State Bank
Supreme Court of India
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that since no appeal has been filed against the counterclaim, the plaintiff is not entitled to the relief of specific
Madras High Court
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file a written statement in answer to the counterclaim of the defendant within such period as may be fixed ... apply to the Court for an order that such counterclaim may be excluded, and the Court may on the hearing
Karnataka High Court
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Tribunal's view none of these alleged Counterclaims was admissible and majority of these claims stood settled. It was also ... will be seen, the majority of the Counterclaims is said to be caught by the settlement agreement
Supreme Court of India
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affidavit within seven days in regard to a counterclaim, set-off or cross-demand which he intended to avail himself ... That notice merely requires the debtor to prefer his counterclaim within seven days, if he has such a counter-claim
Bombay High Court
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Code of Civil Procedure, The counterclaim has also to be decided as a suit as per law. 9. The Court ... obtained by the defendant before filing the counterclaim. Of course, incidentally, the Court below went into the aspect of merits
Andhra High Court
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arbitration and the claimant had concurred in referring the counterclaim to the same arbitrator ... said counterclaim in its reply statement to the application under Section 11 of the Act and the Chief Justice
Supreme Court of India
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