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This is an application for refund of court-fees. An appeal was preferred to this Court from a decree ... power under Section 35 of the Act to refund court-fees, and they could instruct the revenue officers to accede
Bombay High Court
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also ordered that the court-fee should be refunded to the appellant as the appeal was allowed on a preliminary ... remand under the said rule by directing the court-fees to be returned to the appellant, will an appeal
Rajasthan High Court
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that no directions could be given for the refund of Court-fee in these appeals. (2) It may be recalled ... according to law, a direction was issued to refund the Court-fee paid on the memoranda of appeal
Andhra High Court
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issue a certificate to the appellant for the refund of court-fee. 2. The appellant filed a second appeal ... view that the Court has inherent power to refund court-fees ....... It is dear therefore, that the payment of court
Allahabad High Court
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provided by Sections 13 , 14 and 15 for refund or Court-fee in certain specified cases. That was a case ... view that it had power to allow refund of Court-fee stamps and its power was not confined to Sections
Madras High Court
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gave the Court power to order a refund of Court-Fees which had been correctly levied on an appeal which ... final decree became unnecessary. Under the circumstances a refund of court-fee relative to the appeal from the final decree
Allahabad High Court
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provisions in the Court Fees Act for the refund of court-fee are not applicable to the facts of this ... certain circumstances inherent jurisdiction to order refund of court-fee on the principle that every court has inherent power
Orissa High Court
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matter or whether the court's power of refunding the court-fees was limited to the provisions contained in that ... court had no inherent power to direct the refund of court-fees. The learned Judges noticed the case of (supra
Calcutta High Court
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Matter settled in the Adalat. Compromise petition filed. Refund for court fee to the Decree holder as per rules ... before a court". Section 2(aaa) defines Court as: ""Court" means a civil, criminal or revenue court and includes
Kerala High Court
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this Court to grant a certificate for refund of Court-fee when a suit is transferred to this High Court ... certificate by the High Court for the refund of Court-fees paid in suits transferred to this High Court under
Calcutta High Court
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