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payment and appropriate actions against individuals responsible for custodial death. HEADNOTE: Petitioner's son, aged about 22 years was taken ... Constitution, that it was a case of custodial death since her son died as a result of the multiple injuries
Supreme Court of India
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victims of torture, physical assault, humiliation, rape, custodial death and where there is an infringement of constitutional right to life ... Police , reported in (1990) 1 SCC 422, dealing with custodial death and compensation, the Hon'ble Supreme Court held
Madras High Court
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interest at 18% p.a. from the date of custodial death of Sri Nanjunda the husband of the petitioner ... having lost her husband Sri Nanjunda in the custodial death case at her young age. Further the petitioner has sought
Karnataka High Court
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ground of wrongful confinement, custodial torture and custodial death caused by the police officers of Police Stations Lakadganj and Glttikhadan ... lacs for the custodial death of her husband. 10. The said petition was contested by the respondents, who denied that
Bombay High Court
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Dalveer Bhandari, J. 1. This is a case of custodial death. Learned Single Judge in the impugned judgment has observed ... police custody. After recording clear finding of a custodial death, the learned Single Judge has granted an ex-gratia compensation
Delhi High Court
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intereet" at 18%»p.a. from the date of custodial death pf Sri Nanjunda and further direct,the-_$tate ... interest at 18% p.a, from hxthe date of custodial death of sri Nanjunda the H' _;L ~. _ ' émqakifiau «hueband
Karnataka High Court
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Lodha, J. 1. Police lock-up or death trap ? Police lawlessness or rule of law ? Police muscle or personal modesty ... harassment or human rights ? Yet again a case of custodial death has given rise to myriad hard-touching and soul
Bombay High Court
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shown by the Courts and strict measures to check custodial death or use of criminal force during investigation/interrogation ... facts in the present case are indicative of a custodial death, though police has made elaborate and detailed efforts
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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account of the 2 W.P. No. 6368/2000 custodial death of petitioner's son namely Chuttan Singh Kahar ... custody he had died, it will amount to a custodial death and, therefore, the respondents are liable to pay compensation
Madhya Pradesh High Court
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Sabha Debates Alleged Custodial Death Of A Dalit Youth At Sakaldiha Police Station ... on 2 August, 2010 > Title: Alleged ... custodial death of a dalit youth at Sakaldiha Police Station in Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh. श्री रामकिशुन ( चन्दौली ):अध्यक्ष
Lok Sabha Debates
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