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Death Penalty, whether constitutionally valid ?- Right to live, whether the provisions of section 302, Penal Code , offends Article ... invests with unguided and untrammelled discretion and allows death sentence to be arbitrarily or freakishly imposed on a person found
Supreme Court of India
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question in regard to the constitutional validity of death penalty for murder provided in Section 302, Penal Code ... tried and convicted and sentenced to death under Section 302 , Indian Penal Code for the murders of Desa Singh, Durga
Supreme Court of India
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some tenants, that he had throttled Biswanath to death. While commotion was on, the officer in charge of the police ... seized and sent to morgue. Cause of the death, according to the autopsy report was asphyxia. Aloke Nath also made
Supreme Court of India
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certain specific legacies to the other and on the death of the survivor to the `charities' to be nominated ... under :- 14 " Section 73 - Appointment of new trustees on death, etc. Whenever any person appointed a trustee disclaims
Supreme Court of India
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under Section 122 IPC; (d) Death sentence and fine of Rs. 5 lacs to accused Nos. 1 to 3 under ... under Section 307 read with Section 120B IPC (f) Death sentence and fine of Rs. 5 lacs to accused
Delhi High Court
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Criminal, Procedure, 1973-S. 354(5)-Execution of death sentence-Hanging by rope-Whether violative of Art 21 ? Constitution ... judgment. HEADNOTE: The petitioners who had been sentenced to death for the offence of murder were awaiting execution
Supreme Court of India
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nominated chela to give Bhesh Dikshwa. After the death of the Mahant, the Bhesh and Sampradaya give Chadar Mahanti ... Entrance to a religious order is tantamount to civil death so as to cause a complete severance of his connection
Supreme Court of India
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Buildings (Lease and Rent Control) Act. 1949. On the death of his father in 1955 the plaintiff became the owner ... Court withdrew the suit to its file (on the death of the original defendant, defendants 2 to 10 were impleaded
Supreme Court of India
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Bharat and Bairagi remained in tact even after the death of Natha, Bharat and Bairagi and that at present ... widow of a deceased coparcener whose death took place prior to 1937 was entitled only to maintenance. Radhi Bewa
Orissa High Court
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time of his return from Singapore to his death, lived in the bungalow appurtenant to the chawl, but his memory ... that Balcrustna, after his return from transportation until his death, lived in union with Sadasiv, but that attempt was completely
Bombay High Court
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