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employees; (iii) the procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability; (iv) the norms
Central Government Act
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Court, it was a part of multi- tier decision making process and appointment of GETE is a part ... decision making authority was EGOM. However, since the decision making process involved inputs from series of in house committees, this
Supreme Court of India
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questioning the mode and manner in which the decision making process had been resorted to by the returning officer ... question in the election petition was the decision making process on the part of the Returning Officer
Supreme Court of India
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officer of a public authority during the decision making process prior to the executive decision or policy formulation; (f) trade ... under section 6 shall be provided to any person making a request under that section: Provided that where any question
Central Government Act
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Association of employees in management decision making process.—Every multi-State co-operative society shall devise such procedure ... instructions issued in this regard, in the management decision making process
Central Government Act
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finding that petitioner's consortium is not permitted to make such changes in the agreement against cl. 3.5 of Section ... three stage bid evaluation process. All bidders shall furnish their proposals furnishing their qualification details, technical and financial particulars/proposals
Kerala High Court
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pump unauthorisedly. And, therefore, the process on the level of Dy. Director is under process to issue notice ... decision to issue new tenders without ratifying the contract of M/s. Lirin Road Lines. However, the final decision
Bombay High Court
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writ petitioners with regard to decision-making process of off-loading 72 per cent of equity shares of Government ... writ petition and tried to probe into the decision-making process for short-listing Ruia to whom
Calcutta High Court
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court has no hesitation to hold that, the decision making process followed by the respondent authority cannot be sustained ... dated September 25, 2007 at abnormally low rate. Decision making process of the respondent authorities in fixing different rates
Calcutta High Court (Appellete Side)
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Gauhati High Court Tractor And Farm Equipment Ltd. vs Secretary To The Govt. Of Assam
Gauhati High Court
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