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Government Act Section 5 in The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936 5. Punishment of bigamy.—Every Parsi who during ... Parsi or not, contracts a marriage without having been lawfully divorced from such wife or husband, or without
Central Government Act
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legal and valid divorce and has been real divorce in law, or not or that in order to save ... well as the principles of Muslim Law regarding divorce or Talaq including the triple Talaq and its importance under Muslim
Allahabad High Court
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evidence, and against the basic principles of Muslim law. Rejecting the divorce, at the very outset, the learned counsel ... divorce was proved. (G) Tenets of Mohammadan Law on Divorce: 40. According to Mulla in his Principles of Mohammadan
Jammu & Kashmir High Court
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order on the ground that divorce is not in accordance with Islamic law ... conform with the respective Islamic judicial laws, that is, when the husband divorces his wife during her menstruation, or after
Kerala High Court
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complicated and confusing. Similarly for registration of divorces, the laws which provide for any kind of registration of divorce ... assess if a uniform regime of marriage and divorce registration laws is feasible in the country at this stage
Law Commission Report
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letter, the need for a uniform divorce law covering every community has also been stressed, "thereby enabling the Christian woman ... excuse for two years or upwards." I101] 10, law Indian Divorce Act 1869. 2.2. Having regard to the nature
Law Commission Report
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Muslim Personal Law-Concept of divorce-Whether, on the pronounccments of "talaq" and on the expiry of the period ... indigent wife who has been divorced by him. Under that law, the husband is bound to pay Mahr
Supreme Court of India
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received the amount due to her on divorce under the Muslim law applicable to the parties. The important feature ... issue of mata contending that Muslim law entitled a Muslim divorced woman to claim provision for maintenance from her husband
Supreme Court of India
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first instance. While granting a decree for divorce, the law interdicts and prohibits marriage for a period of one year ... There was some such time lag provided in comparable divorce laws and possibly such a proviso was, therefore, considered proper
Supreme Court of India
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comity to give effect in its courts to divorce laws of another country which are repugnant to its own laws ... courts of other States.(3) In regard to the divorce law in force in Nevada it is only necessary
Supreme Court of India
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