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past three days, the petitioner was frequently visiting the E-Dhara Department. He was, therefore, asked to show cause within ... dated 08.10.2013, indicating that he has not visited the E-Dhara Branch as he is not keeping good health. However
Gujarat High Court
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respondent No. 5 has applied before the Mamlatdar (e-Dhara), Dascroi for mutation of the entry of the land ... view of the aforesaid application, the Deputy Mamlatdar (e-Dhara) has posted the Entry in favour of the respondent
Gujarat High Court
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Karnataka High Court Sri B E Gangadhara vs Sri Mallappa on 23 July, 2012 Author: Jawad Rahim ... BETWEEN 1. SRI B E GANGADHARA AGED 53 YEARS S/O LATE ESHWARAPPA RESIDING AT OPPOSITE TO CITY CO-OPERATIVE
Karnataka High Court
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Supreme Court of India G.S. Dhara Singh vs E.K. Thomas & Ors on 9 August, 1988 Equivalent citations ... Venkataramiah, E.S. (J) PETITIONER: G.S. DHARA SINGH Vs. RESPONDENT: E.K. THOMAS & ORS. DATE OF JUDGMENT
Supreme Court of India
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between the fingers of 'N' to her i.e. SI Dhara Mishra who seized the same vide memo ... next day i.e. October 07, 2012, SI Dhara Mishra PW-24, went to the place of occurrence where
Delhi High Court
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Mantri to the office of the Mamlatdar, Kalol in E-Dhara Centre. I further say that Entry No.6368 dated ... been made by the office of Mamlatdar, E-Dhara Centre, Kalol which came further certified on 08.04.2008 by the Circle
Gujarat High Court
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revenue records, the Official Liquidator is obliged to file E-Dhara Form with the Revenuer Authorities describing the correct name
Gujarat High Court
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Gujarat High Court Rabari vs E-Dhara on 22 December, 2011 Author: D.H.Waghela, Gujarat High Court Case Information ... RABARI SHANKAR RAMJI - Petitioner(s) Versus E-DHARA MAMLATDAR ELECTION OFFICER & 2 - Respondent(s) ========================================================= Appearance : MR SP HASURKAR
Gujarat High Court
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herein have made application before the Mamlatdar, E-Dhara, Amreli, requesting for recording the name of himself ... heirs of late Govindbhai Rudabhai. Mamlatdar, E-Dhara, Amreli has issued notices on 03.03.2011 under section
Gujarat High Court
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applicant herein was serving as a Deputy Mamlatdar, E-Dhara. It is the case of the prosecution that a conspiracy ... present case were executed in August, 2013, i.e. after a period of 60 years. Consequently, the owners ought
Gujarat High Court
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