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Despite clarification, MoEF once again examined the matter through Expert Committee which held its meeting on 19th and 20th October ... five years. Certain queries were raised by the Expert Committee on the basis of which once again further clarification
Supreme Court of India
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Court erred in brushing aside the report of the Expert Committee headed by K.C. Reddy, which clearly demonstrated that ... Minister of the Public Works Department set up the "Expert Committee" (headed by K.C. Reddy) to go into
Supreme Court of India
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High Court, vide its order dated 27.11.2003, constituted an Expert Committee for improving the environment of VMH, the appellant herein ... Member Secretary, West Bengal Pollution Control Board. 6. The Expert Committee made various recommendations including that the appellant should enhance
Supreme Court of India
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control and regulatory measures exercised by Kadavu Committee/District Expert Committee etc . 9. The learned Addl. Advocate General, with reference ... systematic and scientific manner, on the recommendation of the Expert Committee to be constituted in this regard. The 'Sand
Kerala High Court
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appeals and also the report submitted by the Expert Committee and the objections filed by the parties to the said ... Government of India is directed to constitute a committee of experts for the purpose of submitting a report
Supreme Court of India
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Expert Committee for its opinion. The curriculum and syllabus prepared for 6 uniform system of school education as well ... pursuance of the said order, an Expert Committee was constituted and after having several meetings, a joint report was submitted
Supreme Court of India
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their Report. Thereafter, the Delhi Administration constituted an Expert Committee under the Chairmanship of Mr. Manmohan Singh. This Committee made ... workmen and the public at large, another Expert Committee called "Nilay Choudhary Committee" was constituted by the Supreme Court
Supreme Court of India
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appropriate to mention that the University had constituted an Expert Committee consisting of the leading experts. The said Committee consisted ... selections to the post of Readers, an Expert Committee was constituted and thereafter, its recommendations were accepted by the University
Supreme Court of India
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agency to be of proper quality and report of Expert Committee ruled out poor germination and hence the grievance ... Agriculture Development Officer, Kalayat and the other by the Expert Committee. The report of the Expert Committee at best
Supreme Court of India
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Patna High Court - Orders Om Prakash Shanti Bhushan vs The State Of Bihar & Ors
Patna High Court - Orders
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