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false in some material particular. (3) Where any such judgment as is referred to in sub-section (1) is obtained ... reciprocating country and in the case of a foreign judgment is, by virtue of the provisions of section
Central Government Act
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SC1480 (54) ACT: Foreign Judgment How far binding-If affects properties outside jurisdiction of foreign Court-Proceedings in foreign Court ... event the Mysore judgment which was a foreign judgment was not conclusive as the proceedings in the Mysore High Court
Supreme Court of India
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held that it was not maintainable either on the foreign judgment or on the awards and (dismissed the suit ... Court that the suit was not maintainable on the foreign judgment must be affirmed but on other grounds. Apart from
Supreme Court of India
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Civil Procedure Code, 1908: Section 13 . Matrimonial dispute-Foreign judgment-When not conclusive. Clause (a)-``Court of competent jurisdiction''-Which ... India-Effect of. Section 14-Presumption as to foreign judgments- Expression ``Certified copy of a foreign judgment''-Should be read
Supreme Court of India
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where-from it would appear that suits on foreign judgments are allowed in England though they are judgments by default ... Procedure Code in dealing with the binding character of foreign judgments in this country. Whatever the English view might
Madras High Court
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natural justice"--What it means in relation to foreign Judgments.-- Res Judicata--Determination of domicile if would operate ... established principle of private international law that if a foreign judgment was obtained by fraud or if the proceedings
Supreme Court of India
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public policy, 4. The award merged in the foreign judgment of a New York Court which modified the award ... directing enforcement of the award which would now be foreign judgment. The respondent has, in fact, filed a suit
Supreme Court of India
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Code of Civil Procedure a foreign judgment shall be conclusive as to any matter thereby directly adjudicated upon between ... justify a refusal of recognition or enforcement of a foreign judgment". The Supreme Court stated that when applied to foreign
Bombay High Court
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short, I have to examine the validity of a foreign judgment rendered in civil proceedings in India in terms ... hereinafter referred to as 'the Code'), under which though foreign judgments have been made conclusive, they are open to collateral
Gujarat High Court
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execution by that Court of a foreign judgment of a superior Court in a reciprocating territory. The District Judge held ... when the respondent filed a certified copy of the foreign judgment together with the non-satisfaction certificate and an execution
Madras High Court
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