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cent than under a forest lease (iii) Any other forest produce not being Thirty- five per cent timber
Central Government Act
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Disposal on conclusion of trial for forest-offence, of produce in respect of which it was committed.—When ... trial of any forest-offence is concluded, any forest-produce in respect of which such offence has been committed shall
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 30
word “belonging”, insert the words “or other forest produce” and omit the words “but grown on lands belonging
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 28
owner in respect of the forest or the forest produce thereof after deducting from such proceeds the rewards ... charges payable to Government; (ii) the value of any forest produce removed or any advantage gained by the owner after
Central Government Act
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pasture is permitted, the quantity of timber and other forest produce which he is from time to time authorised ... shall also record whether the timber or other forest-produce obtained by the exercise of the rights claimed
Central Government Act
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writing and for reasons to be recorded confiscate forest produce so seized together with all tools, arms, boats, vehicles, ropes ... Forests of the forest circle in which the Forest produce as the case may be, has been seized
Central Government Act
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Indian Forest Act, 1927 83. Lien on forest-produce for such money.— (1) When any such money is payable ... respect of any forest-produce, the amount thereof shall deemed to be a first charge on such produce, and such
Central Government Act
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firms, manufacturers and traders of goods made out of forest produce, the miners and the transports of forest produce, have ... mines and minerals including coal and other forest produce; as also the validity of the U.P. Transport of Timber
Allahabad High Court
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power to pass order for interim release of the forest produce seized under the Karnataka Forest Act, 1963? (for short ... allegation of illegal transportation of the forest produce. FIR No. 08437 OR No. 108/99-2000 was registered
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 14 - Cited by 14 - Full Document
purports to vest in the State Government the 'forest produce' while acquiring all private forests in the State, (b) that ... which it purports to acquire and vest the 'forest produce' in the State Government was also sought to be challenged
Bombay High Court
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