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controlling authority constituted under Payment of Gratuity Act by filing Gratuity Case No.45 of 2003. The petitioner - Municipality ... claim better terms of gratuity as per Section 4(5) of the Gratuity Act,1972 by filing application under
Gujarat High Court
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under the payment of Gratuity Act (No. 39 of 1972), hereinafter referred to as the Act. Most of the petitions ... Payment of Gratuity Act , 1972. After an elaborate consideration of the provisions of the Act and the case
Madras High Court
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with the Payment of Gratuity Act and to some decided cases. 12. In the Workmen's Compensation Act , 1923 section ... Payment of Gratuity Act. On facts, it appears that in the said case in John D'Souza, the gratuity
Bombay High Court
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third respondent Controlling Authority under the Gratuity Act in P.G. Case No.15 of 1999 and claimed gratuity ... application whatsoever in the instant case. Undoubtedly, the Payment of Gratuity Act is a beneficial statute. When two views
Madras High Court
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converse would also be true that in cases where the Gratuity Act is more beneficial than the Rules, Regulations ... Corporation, Delhi was entitled to payment of gratuity under the Gratuity Act when the Corporation itself had adopted the provisions
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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petitioner being an employee was entitled to gratuity both under the gratuity Act and also under the contractual conditions ... under the Gratuity Act is bound to act strictly in conformity with the provisions of the Act and it cannot
Calcutta High Court
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which is rendered under the Payment of Gratuity Act to the case at hand. Merely because the phrase "average ... section 4 of the Gratuity Act. In paragraph 10 of the judgment in Jeewanlal's case, the Apex Court
Bombay High Court
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said Payment of Gratuity Act . 22. In the case of Eastern Coal Fields Ltd. (Supra), Justice ... Payment of Gratuity Act , 1972. Accordingly, the ALC has acted clearly within jurisdiction in entertaining the claims of the respondent
Calcutta High Court
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Cross Society is subjected to the provisions of the Gratuity Act or not and in view of the other incidental ... Gratuity Act , 1972 is not applicable. Mr. Thakkar has also relied upon one decision in the case
Gujarat High Court
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Gratuity Act may be noticed to appreciate the point. Section 1 (3) of the Act makes the Act applicable ... retirement gratuity. The maximum ceiling of amount of gratuity both under the provisions of Gratuity Act and the Bihar Pension
Patna High Court
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