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Court, doctrine of impossibility, advantage of own wrong, harmonious construction and Rules being mandatory/directory. For an act of Court ... escape from prosecution." 19. On the issue of "harmonious construction", Mr. Tanna has relied on the decision
Gujarat High Court
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superintendence" and "court" so also as to have the harmonious construction and also with a view to avoid any inconsistency
Rajasthan High Court
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This is what is known as the rule of harmonious construction." 9. The above passage makes it clear that ... sections of the same Act, the principle of harmonious construction should be followed in avoiding a head on clash
Delhi High Court
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reduntant and in the light of the contectual and harmonious construction such an interpretation is misconceived. 5. Mr. Safaya, learned ... modes to interpret the provisions and construction are contextual construction, harmonious construction, literal construction and purposive construction. However, one thing
Central Administrative Tribunal - Delhi
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Therefore by invoking the principles of harmonious construction the learned Single Judge has rightly rejected the contentions of the appellants ... same will be in accordance with the principle of harmonious construction. 20. The learned Counsel for the appellants relied
Karnataka High Court
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Gujarat High Court Aop Of Sanjaybhai R. Patel & 11 Ors. vs Assessing Officer on
Gujarat High Court
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Therefore, the power of exemption must be reasonably and harmoniously construed keeping in view, the purpose for which those provisions ... held in para 9 of the said judgment that construction should be made without straining or overstretching the words
Calcutta High Court
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respective policy under which the same is registered and harmonious construction of the above provisions will lead to the conclusion ... also argued that as per the principle of harmonious construction, effect has to be given to all the provisions
Rajasthan High Court - Jodhpur
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judgment, which is as follows: 10. The principal of harmonious construction is a well settled principle of interpretation of statutes ... Supreme Court observerd: The essence of the rule of harmonious construction may be explained in following terms
Central Administrative Tribunal - Delhi
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case, the Andhra Pradesh High Court laid down a harmonious construction of the two parts of the proviso to Section ... used. At page 62 of the said judgment, a harmonious construction was given by the High Court which reads
Income Tax Appellate Tribunal - Pune
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