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made and paid to her within the iddat period by her former husband; (b) where she herself maintains the children ... neglected to make or pay her within the iddat period a reasonable and fair provision and maintenance
Central Government Act
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from, her husband in accordance with Muslim law; (b) “iddat period” means, in the case of a divorced woman
Central Government Act
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talaq" and on the expiry of the period of iddat a divorced wife ceases to be a wife. Code ... divorced wife is limited to the period of "iddat" Nature of Mahr or dower-Whether Mehr is maintenance. HEADNOTE: Under
Supreme Court of India
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cover arrears of maintenance and maintenance for the iddat period and he sought thereafter to have the petition dismissed ... amount to cover maintenance during the iddat period and Section 127(3)(b) CrPC conferred statutory recognition on this principle
Supreme Court of India
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able to maintain herself after the iddat period, he may make an order directing such of her relatives as would
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 81
wife to contract second marriage during the period of Iddat and in the past such marriage was considered void ... Mohmadan Law a marriage of a woman undergoing iddat is not void but merely irregular. [936 F-H] If public
Supreme Court of India
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restricted only for the period of 'Iddat' or whether a fair and reasonable provision has to be made for future ... also within the period of Iddat? (3) How far Sections 125 to 128 of the Code can be held
Andhra High Court
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thrice and he had also paid Mehr and the Iddat period was over the claim was not acceptable. He also ... conclusions about the Mehr having been paid and the Iddat period is over has no relevance. A Constitution Bench
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 15 - Cited by 23 - Full Document
that, the Muslim Woman is entitled to claim post iddat period maintenance under section 4 of the Muslim Women ... divorced woman against the former husband for post - iddat period maintenance?" 4. In our opinion basically this Court will have
Bombay High Court
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valid divorce and had completed the period of Iddat-"wife" whether includes a woman who has been divorced ... husband and the completion of the period of Iddat. [917 G-H] In re Shekhanmian AIR 1930 Bombay 178, Syed
Supreme Court of India
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