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Held, that at the basis of the doctrine of implied repeal is the presumption that the legislature which must ... ones and in such a position, it could not imply repeal. Deep Chand v. State of Uttar Pradesh , [1959] Supp
Supreme Court of India
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Rules - Applicability of. Interpretation of statutes : Doctrine of implied repeal - Applicability of. HEADNOTE: Recruitment to the ministerial establishment ... only be inferred by relying upon the rule of implied repeal provided the said rule is applicable
Supreme Court of India
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less than a repeal. If it thus was a repeal, then s. 6 of the General Clauses ... competent legislature with a superior efficacy expressly or impliedly evinces by its legislation an intention to cover the whole field
Supreme Court of India
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Motor Vehi- cles Act, 1988-- State Act whether impliedly repealed by Parliamentary Act--State Act whether hit by Article ... same area, it should be deemed to have impliedly repealed the provisions of ss. 14 and 20 of the Karnataka
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 142 - Cited by 104 - Full Document
also applicable. Statutory Interpretation--Doctrine of implied repeal--Ap- plicability of. HEADNOTE: Under Section 80 of the Indian Railways ... Courts Act, 1882 and that it brought about an implied repeal of those provisions as to the jurisdiction
Supreme Court of India
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Repeal-Implied-Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954- Fruit Products Order, 1955-Sale of adulterated Vinegar- Prosecution under Adulteration ... Competence-If Fruit Products Order impliedly repeals Adulteration Act . HEADNOTE: The respondent, who was selling Vinegar under a license granted
Supreme Court of India
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Supreme Court of India State Of Kerala & Ors vs M/S. Mar Appraem Kuri
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 81 - Cited by 17 - Full Document
operate simultaneously, the later will have the effect of impliedly repealing the former. [766 A-C] Repeal by implication ... Courts But the principle, on which the rule of implied repeal rests, is that if the provisions of a later
Supreme Court of India
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Constitution law is similar to that of an implied repeal. The effect of Article 13(2) on a post-Constitution ... fundamental rights. In either case the extent of the implied repeal and the extent of ultra vire is determined
Delhi High Court
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mast be deemed to have been impliedly repealed by the said Central Act ; that the Stale Transport Commissioner ... that the provisions of the Punjab Act had been impliedly repealed. (ii) that there was no material to find
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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