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ground that same was passed by a court lacking inherent jurisdiction and therefore inexecutable? Property No. 212/IX, Chawri Bazar ... case (supra) and therefore the civil court lacked the inherent jurisdiction to pass such a decree. After the death
Supreme Court of India
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REPORTABLE IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CRIMINAL APPELLATE JURISDICTION SPECIAL LEAVE PETITION (CRL.) NO. 8989 OF 2010 Gian Singh ... provided by this section.” 4. Section 482 saves the inherent power of the High Court and it reads as follows
Supreme Court of India
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case for quashing the proceedings was made out. The inherent 'Jurisdiction of the High Court could be exercised to quash ... following are some categories of cases where the inherent jurisdiction could and should be exercised to quash proceedings: (i) where
Supreme Court of India
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specific power the Court cannot by relying upon its inherent jurisdiction extend its scope of that power. The 41st ... covered by the other provisions of the Code . The inherent jurisdiction of the High Court can be exercised to quash
Kerala High Court
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SC2176 (38) ACT: Practice and Procedur-Inherent jurisdiction of High Court- Power to stop publication of proceedings of a trial ... High Court has inherent jurisdiction to hold a trial in camera if the ends of justice clearly and necessarily require
Supreme Court of India
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root of its exercise of jurisdiction, lacks inherent jurisdiction. It is a coram non judice. A decree passed by such ... Civil Court is ousted. The Civil Court lacked inherent jurisdiction to take cognisance of the cause and to pass
Supreme Court of India
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SINHA, J. Whether inherent jurisdiction of the High Court is available while dealing with a Criminal Appeal filed ... exercise any revisional jurisdiction under Section 397 nor its inherent jurisdiction under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure
Supreme Court of India
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under the said Act. Mr. Shishodia submitted that the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court under Section ... Courts and this Court have time and again exercised inherent jurisdiction under Section 482 Criminal Procedure Code to quash proceedings
Supreme Court of India
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Madras High Court Vidya Charan Shukla vs Tamil Nadu Olympic Association ... on 3 January, 1991
Madras High Court
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India or any High Court in exercise of its inherent jurisdiction has no such original jurisdiction, power or authority ... punish for contempt is a part of their inherent jurisdiction and is essential to enable the courts to administer justice
Supreme Court of India
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