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Prosecutor can withdraw from the prosecution, (1) in cases tried by jury before the return of the verdict ... case, cannot be said to be a case "tried by jury." Indeed no trial by jury had commenced
Calcutta High Court
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Judge himself." Under s. 297 thereof: "In cases tried by jury, when the case for the defence and the prosecutor ... except where the trial was by jury, in which case the appeal shall lie on a matter of law only
Supreme Court of India
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murder under Section 304 instead of leaving the case to the Jury upon that charge; and (b) wrongly omitting ... conclusively assures us he did, leave the case to the Jury under Section 304 , though he told them he could
Calcutta High Court
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probably the reason why the reported cases have always referred to trial by jury as a privilege for the accused ... learned Judge, after stating the case for the prosecution, gave the jury a short summary of the evidence of each
Calcutta High Court
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Sarkar, jj.-Though the charge to the jury in the present case was lengthy, the length was due in part ... Hidayatullah, J.-In his charge to the jury, in the present case, (1) the judge took each witness, turn
Supreme Court of India
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presenting the facts of the case fairly to the jury. It is no part of a Public Prosecutor's duty ... arguments of Counsel. Counsel in a criminal case addressing a jury should not argue. They must address the jury
Calcutta High Court
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into facts even in a case tried by a jury, viz. Section 307 , where a Judge disagreeing with the jury ... disagrees with the verdict of the jury, to submit the case if it is necessary for the ends of justice
Bombay High Court
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laying down the procedure for trial of sessions cases by jury must be read together. Section 304 , Criminal Procedure Code ... Sessions Judge could give fresh directions to the jury. This case was followed in Empress v. Bharmia
Bombay High Court
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present to the mind of the judge. In a jury case he must tell ... jury of it and in a non-jury case he must show that it is present to his mind
Supreme Court of India
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take the whole case into consideration and determine for itself whether the verdict of the Jury was justified or whether ... learned Sessions Judge summed up the whole case to the special jury in a charge which took well-nigh three
Supreme Court of India
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