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case of persons who have been convicted in a jury trial, the ordinary Rule is that such persons ... cases in which the conviction was in a jury trial. It is conceded that a person showing cause against
Calcutta High Court
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object in view, that is, the withdrawal of jury trial in these cases. The contention that the defect ... respect to the difference made, viz., the withdrawal of jury trial and is not arbitrary or evasive." The appellant made
Supreme Court of India
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that although this is an appeal from a trial by jury they were entitled to appeal on fact as well ... jury, no appeal lies on facts, even though the jury trial was erroneous and the trial should have been
Calcutta High Court
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SC1459 (24) ACT: Jury Trial-Charge-Misdirection-Reference by Judge, if and when competent-Plea of General Exception-Burden ... order of conviction or an acquittal in a jury trial must be confined to matters of law. The words
Supreme Court of India
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found that inadmissible evidence has been, admitted in a jury trial, can this Court in view of Section 167 , Indian ... Indian British subjects are concerned and in relation to jury trials provides in Section 449(1) that notwithstanding anything contained
Bombay High Court
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BENGAL DATE OF JUDGMENT: 19/10/1961 BENCH: ACT: Jury Trial - Reference and Appeal-Power of High Court ... appeals before the High Court whether from a trial by jury or otherwise and when the High Court finds that
Supreme Court of India
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extent even by reason of the right of trial by jury at Thana, the case should be transferred ... These sections, like Section 267 regarding trial by jury or assessors in cases or classes of cases, contemplate general directions
Bombay High Court
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into one category only those cases in which a jury trial is, in fact, being held, and all other oases ... accused has been committed to the Court but a jury trial has not begun, the case is not within Clause
Calcutta High Court
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indeed any offences. 41. The right of trial by a Jury is dealt with in Section 269 of the. Code ... deprive one accused person of the right to trial by jury and other rights under the Criminal Procedure Code , whereas
Calcutta High Court
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Gauhati High Court Director General, Border ... vs Iboton Singh (Kh) on 12 February, 2007 Equivalent
Gauhati High Court
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