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protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, and to have compassion for living creatures
Central Government Act
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ascertain the impact of mining operation on the Badkal Lake and Surajkund - ecologically sensitive area falling within the State ... activities within a radius of 5 kms. from Badkal Lake and Surajkund (tourist place). The Haryana Government, on the basis
Supreme Court of India
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that though the Forest Department had suggested that Salt Lake was a better place for establishing a Five Star Hotel ... area and the request for a hotel in Salt Lake was confined to a Three Star Hotel. Cabinet approval
Supreme Court of India
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Supreme Court of India M.C. Mehta vs Kamal Nath & Ors on 13 December
Supreme Court of India
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creeks and other water channels, reservoirs, rivers, streams and lakes, whether artificial or natural, 14[marshes and wetlands and also
Central Government Act
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rafts which are used on any canal, river, lake or other navigable inland waters for the purposes of the traffic
Central Government Act
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every owner of land abutting on a natural lake or pond into or out of which a natural stream flows ... that the water of such lake or pond shall be allowed by other persons to remain within such owner
Central Government Act
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establish its industry within 10 Kms. of the lakes - notwithstanding the Government's policy to the contrary and the refusal ... serious pollution to the drinking water in these lakes. This Court in its judgment dated 27.1.99 referred the said question
Supreme Court of India
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wildlife sanctuary in Coringa Island, the Pulicat lake and the bird sanctuary at Nelapattu are the ecologically sensitive areas warranting ... ecosystem in these areas should be permitted. At Pulicat Lake Area, Machilipatnam, Naupada and Ichapuram, salt pan irrigation is practised
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 28 - Cited by 56 - Full Document
only for irrigation purpose but also as lakes which were furthering percolation to improve the ground water table, thus serving
Supreme Court of India
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