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Indian Penal Code 1[366A. Procuration of minor girl.—Whoever, by any means whatso­ever, induces any minor girl under
Central Government Act
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male organ of accused Where a prosecutrix is a minor girl suffering from pain due to ruptured hymen and bleeding
Central Government Act
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immediate cause The accused was charged for kidnapping a minor girl, below 15 years of age from the lawful guardianship ... accused had an earlier stage solicited or induced minor girl to leave her father’s protection by conveying or indicating
Central Government Act
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these appeals concerned with a gruesome murder of a minor girl with intellectual disability (moderate) after subjecting her to series ... having, in furtherance of their common intention, kidnapped a minor girl and accused No.1 had committed rape
Supreme Court of India
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from Village Sakatpur District Badayun, U.P. wherefrom the minor girl Ms.Meera was also recovered, as both of them ... petitioner in this case is the father of a minor girl Kiran Devi, who according to him was 15 years
Delhi High Court
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first petitioner was the father of the minor girl in question and the second petitioner her elder brother. The petitioners ... jewels. The respondents were the maternal uncles of the minor girl. The petitioners alleged in the petition that the minor
Madras High Court
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this appeal is regarding the custody of a minor girl ages about two years at the time of filing ... each year to the appellant so that the minor girl may be looked after and maintain. The respondent was married
Andhra High Court
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appeal concerns the guardianship and custody of two Hindu minor girls. The first minor girl named Meena alias Aarthi ... born on 13-5-1972. The second minor girl named Priya was born on 12-9-1973. They have lost
Madras High Court
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Hyderabad in 4th class in the year 1970. The minor girl Neeta was kidnapped ... receiving information on 7-5-1975 that the minor girl, had been kidnapped, the petitioner tried to trace the girl
Andhra High Court
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prey of such degradation and depravity was a minor girl aged about four years, daughter of Pinki ... spot where he had after ravishing the minor girl child had murdered her. A memorandum of panchnama to that effect
Supreme Court of India
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