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determination as to which Institution is a Minority Institution. 16. There is nothing in Section 10 of the Minorities ... require say 10 acre of land for establishment, a Minority Institution would be entitled to establish the same
Delhi High Court
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Inter College, Kanpur which is a recognised and aided minority institution. Sri Raj Kumar Tripathi died on 16th ... fact that Christ Church Inter College is a minority institution and the Regulations as amended vide Government order dated
Allahabad High Court
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community and even though second respondent institution is a minority institution, the management cannot overlook her claim. The learned Single ... status of the second respondent as a minority institution was not questioned in the Writ Petition. Though it was raised
Kerala High Court
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such an outsider it will cease to be a minority institution is tantamount to saying that minority institutions will ... that they clearly contemplate a minority institution with a sprinkling of outsiders admitted intc it. By admitting a non-member
Bombay High Court
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1989 is from Belgaum and is an institution of Jains (a religious minority in Karnataka). It sought affiliation to Karnataka ... Constitution." 12. In the Writ Petition of non-minority institution, the question mainly resolved around Section
Karnataka High Court
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recommendation for the appellant- Society as linguistic minority institution was on the ground that the earlier order granting recommendation ... recognizing the appellant-Society at Solapur as a linguistic minority institution for the academic year 2008-09 also
Supreme Court of India
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Educational Institutions Act, 2004 10A Right of a Minority Educational Institution to seek affiliation. — (1) A Minority Educational Institution ... authorised in this behalf by the Minority Educational Institution, may file an application for affiliation under sub-section
Central Government Act
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Islamic Academy case, it is held that non-minority institution need not follow rule of reservation." 14. Learned single Judge ... single Judge vis-a-vis the right of the minority institution. It is to be noted that
Madras High Court
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decree from the civil court that it is a minority institution. (d) The plaintiffs are therefore constrained to institute ... suit for declaration that the first plaintiff is a minority institution without its management being interfered with by any outside
Madras High Court
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appeals is whether the Aligarh Muslim University is a minority Institution. The point arises because suddenly some eighty five years ... ruled that the University is not a minority institution. 6. The 1981 Act is an Act of our Parliament
Allahabad High Court
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