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stand of the respondents that American college being a minority Institution, has the right of governance and constitute Search Committee ... could not participate in selection process of a minority institution. The respondent No.8 also denied that
Madras High Court
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have the power to insist that the respondent aided minority institution should follow the roster system in terms ... Rules, the Managing Committee of an aided minority institution is required to give an undertaking in writing that it shall
Delhi High Court
- Cites 19 - Cited by 1 - Full Document
Jharkhand holding that a particular college was not a minority institution entitled to the protection of Article ... Parliament or State Legislature can do it. A minority institution has to grow by itself. Only a competent Court
Allahabad High Court
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contained in any other law, the right of the minority institution to seek affiliation under Section ... right to seek affiliation to a university of the minority institution‟s choice was not taken away. It was only
Delhi High Court
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capitation fees. The petitioner claims to be a minority institution and that it was established by the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran ... subject to obtaining of certificate of recognition as minority institution from the Competent Authority before the beginning of the next
Andhra High Court
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question as to whether the school is a minority institution coming under Article 30(1) of the Constitution are pending ... that the school in question is approved as a minority institution. The said order was issued also on the basis
Kerala High Court
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institution ?Second : Whether St. Stephen's College as minority institution is bound by the University circulars dated June ... Anglo- Indian School that it was a linguistic minority institution entitled to protection under Article 30(1) of the Constitution
Supreme Court of India
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opinion that Article 30 did not clothe a minority educational institution with the power to adopt its own method ... STEPHEN'S COLLEGE : The right of a minority educational institution to adopt its own method of selection is subject
Supreme Court of India
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held that to establish and administer an educational institution by minority is not to maladminister the institution, because even ... educational institution, whether it is a minority or non-minority institution. 16. All India Council for Technical Education
Madras High Court
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Petitioners though it is not enforceable against a minority institution. 4(i) The plea of the State put forward ... interfere with the internal administration or management of the minority institution, the State can certainly take regulatory measures to promote
Karnataka High Court
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