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arising by death or retirement or otherwise in a minority institution by his nominees and it is incumbent upon ... vacancies on the post of teachers in a minority institution, whether caused by death, retirement or otherwise
Allahabad High Court
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that it was never intended to be established as minority institution under the bye-laws and Memorandum of Association ... bestow, without understanding the implications thereof the status of minority institution by issuing the impugned order dated March
Allahabad High Court
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applicable to a recognised and Government aided minority institution which provides for taking of the prior approval of the District ... Guru Nanak Deo Girls Inter College, Saharanpur is a minority institution. It is aided by the State Government
Allahabad High Court
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Parliament and, is not a minority institution so as to be covered under Article 30 of the Constitution of India ... petitions : 1. Whether the Aligarh Muslim University is a minority institution entitled to protection under Article 30 of the Constitution
Allahabad High Court
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purpose of determining whether petitioner is an minority institution and is entitled to inclusion as such in the list ... claiming certain rights as being muslim minority to run minority institution on grant-in-aid. In the connected case, Bahuri
Allahabad High Court
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accords recognition as a minority institution to the Muslim Anglo Hindustani Inter College. Ghazipur, has been challenged primarily ... filled by treating the institution as an aided minority institution. It is prayed that the Government Order dated 26.6.1997, Annexure
Allahabad High Court
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Inter College, Kanpur which is a recognised and aided minority institution. Sri Raj Kumar Tripathi died on 16th ... fact that Christ Church Inter College is a minority institution and the Regulations as amended vide Government order dated
Allahabad High Court
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appeals is whether the Aligarh Muslim University is a minority Institution. The point arises because suddenly some eighty five years ... ruled that the University is not a minority institution. 6. The 1981 Act is an Act of our Parliament
Allahabad High Court
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ground that the institution is a declared and acknowledged minority institution, established and administered by the Jain Community and, therefore ... already been decided by this Court insofar as a minority institution is concerned in favour of the Management clearly holding
Allahabad High Court
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city, which has been recognised as a minority Institution by the State Government and is an associate college ... been accepted that Isabella Thoburn College, is a minority Institution of Christian community, hence with the view to afford protection
Allahabad High Court
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