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1989 is from Belgaum and is an institution of Jains (a religious minority in Karnataka). It sought affiliation to Karnataka ... Constitution." 12. In the Writ Petition of non-minority institution, the question mainly resolved around Section
Karnataka High Court
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dispute that this Association is a minority institution which enjoys the protection of Article 40 of the Constitution ... Writ Petition No. 48117 of 1987 is also a minority institution which enjoys the protection of Article
Karnataka High Court
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effect that the College is not a minority institution and therefore not entitled to invoke the provisions ... cases to the effect that the College being a minority institution was protected by Art. 30 of the Constitution
Karnataka High Court
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made on behalf of the Government that if the institution does not agree to the ear-marking of the seats ... Foundation representing a minority (Linguistic) has established and is administering an Educational Institution of its choice K.M.C. Mangalore
Karnataka High Court
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inasmuch as the school is run by a religious minority institution and in terms ... objections, they deny that the petitioner is a minority institution and is entitled to the rights under
Karnataka High Court
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objections statement that it is a "religious and linguistic minority" institution entitled to establish its own institution under Article ... Constitution of India i.e., "a religious minority institution". The status of the institution as a "Minority Institution" is already
Karnataka High Court
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attracted and the action of the Management of a minority institution is immune from interference by Educational Appellate Tribunal, acting ... pertained to a disciplinary action taken by a minority institution which was immune from the provisions
Karnataka High Court
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Petitioners though it is not enforceable against a minority institution. 4(i) The plea of the State put forward ... interfere with the internal administration or management of the minority institution, the State can certainly take regulatory measures to promote
Karnataka High Court
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petitioners is that the 1st petitioner is a linguistic minority institution of Tulu speaking community having its office at Nitte ... Constitution of India the Society being a linquistic minority institution has a right of establishing and administering educational institutions
Karnataka High Court
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which the plaintiff was the Headmaster, is a minority institution. In fact, plaintiff himself has asserted in his plaint that ... Muslim Education Society, Sirsi, is a minority institution. There is also no dispute that the said Society is registered under
Karnataka High Court
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