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compensation in case of hit and run motor accident. (1) For the purposes of this section, section 162 and section ... Code , 1860 (45 of 1860); (b) hit and run motor accident means an accident arising
Supreme Court of India
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propose to address four problems frequently faced in motor accident claim cases under the Motor Vehicles ... first problem relates to a section of motor accident victims who are doubly unfortunate - first in getting involved
Supreme Court of India
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Yalgurdappa B. Goudar sought compensation on account of the motor accident in the course whereof, the husband/father ... Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner, Goa intimating him of the motor accident referred to hereinabove. Simultaneously, with the aforesaid intimation
Supreme Court of India
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claimant laid claim against both the respondents before the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal and Court of Small Causes at Bangalore ... proceeded only against the respondent – insurance company. 6. The Motor Accident Claims Tribunal on a scrutiny and analysis
Supreme Court of India
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Civil) No.14312/2013) against the Award of the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, Jind, in MACT Case No.136 dated ... death of Dr. Ashwini Sharma caused due to a motor accident on 24th October 2010 in front of Main gate
Supreme Court of India
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liable for the payment of compensation in a motor accident claim case”. 3. The Parliament having regard to the above ... compensate the victim or his heirs in a motor accident arises only on the proof of negligence on the part
Supreme Court of India
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with an untimely death in an accident arising out of use of a motor vehicle on or about ... death or permanent disablement due to accident arising out of the use of motor vehicle, compensation, as indicated
Supreme Court of India
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17076/2001, one Rabinder Singh Lehal died in a motor accident. The dependants of the deceased preferred a claim petition ... liability of an insurer in the event of a motor accident in respect of third party right
Supreme Court of India
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Where an employee receives a personal injury in a motor accident arising out of and in the motor vehicle ... These two appeals arise out of a motor accident wherein the owner of a motor truck, appellant in these appeals
Supreme Court of India
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died as such. Respondent filed a claim before the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal under Section 110 of the Motor Vehicles ... causal relationship between the use of the motor vehicle and the accident resulting in death or permanent disablementis not required
Supreme Court of India
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