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Supreme Court of India K. M. Nanavati vs State Of Maharashtra on 24 November, 1961 Equivalent citations ... Author: K Subbarao Bench: Subbarao, K. PETITIONER: K. M. NANAVATI Vs. RESPONDENT: STATE OF MAHARASHTRA DATE OF JUDGMENT
Supreme Court of India
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Supreme Court of India K.M. Nanavati vs The State Of Bombay on 5 September, 1960 Equivalent citations ... Subbarao, K., Wanchoo, K.N. PETITIONER: K.M. NANAVATI Vs. RESPONDENT: THE STATE OF BOMBAY DATE OF JUDGMENT
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 40 - Cited by 53 - Full Document
Supreme Court of India Mahendra Manilal Nanavati vs Sushila Mahendra Nanavati on 18 March, 1964 Equivalent citations ... Author: R Dayal Bench: Dayal, Raghubar PETITIONER: MAHENDRA MANILAL NANAVATI Vs. RESPONDENT: SUSHILA MAHENDRA NANAVATI DATE OF JUDGMENT
Supreme Court of India
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Shree Man Junathesware, Packing ... on 2 December, 1997 Author: Nanavati Bench: G.T. Nanavati, M. Jagannadha Rao. PETITIONER: THE COMMISSIONER ... DATE OF JUDGMENT: 02/12/1997 BENCH: G.T. NANAVATI, M. JAGANNADHA RAO. ACT: HEADNOTE: JUDGMENT
Supreme Court of India
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Court, New Delhi. Pursuant to the recommendation of Justice Nanavati Commission, the Government of India entrusted the investigation ... follow-up action based on the recommendation of Justice Nanavati Commission is also impermissible at this juncture; viii) many remarks
Supreme Court of India
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construed in relation to Standing Order 22(m), Mr. Nanavati said that the case of the respondents in that ... Before we travel into this, which according to Mr. Nanavati is a forbidden field, let us clear the ground
Gujarat High Court
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Application No. 347 of 1968. 5. Mr. K.S. Nanavati, learned advocate for the petitioner Dhari Gram Panchayat formulated ... their compulsory retirement led to the dispute. 8. Mr. Nanavati however very strenuously urged that notwithstanding the fact that
Gujarat High Court
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Ramchandra Singh , Bishwanath Rai ... on 3 September, 1997 Author: Nanavati Bench: G. T. Nanavati, S. P. Kurdukar PETITIONER: RAMESH PRASAD ... DATE OF JUDGMENT: 03/09/1997 BENCH: G. T. NANAVATI, S. P. KURDUKAR ACT: HEADNOTE: JUDGMENT: Present
Supreme Court of India
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been pressed before me by Mr. I.M. Nanavati, learned advocate appearing on behalf of the appellants. The only ground ... main two contentions urged by Mr. I.M. Nanavati on behalf of the appellants in support of the appeal
Gujarat High Court
- Cites 35 - Cited by 27 - Full Document
passed in favour of the plaintiff. 5. Mr. Nanavati in the other appeal had claimed the amounts disallowed ... attracted or not. We do not agree with Mr. Nanavati in his contention that Order 30 Rule 2(3) provides
Gujarat High Court
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