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December 1991 advised the contractor to submit a "No Claim Certificate" as a pre-condition for the release ... desperate situation, submitted yet another "No Claim Certificate" dated 18th June 1992 as per directions. After receiving the aforesaid document
Supreme Court of India
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security deposit unless the appellant submitted a No-Claim Certificate in terms of Clause 43(2) of the General Conditions ... establishment expenses, the appellant submitted a No Claim Certificate in order to at least get refund of its security deposit
Supreme Court of India
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which also deals with issuance of "No-claim Certificate" by the contractor. The following conclusions are relevant which read ... hereinbelow: "43. (2) Signing of `no-claim' certificate.--The contractor shall not be entitled to make any claim whatsoever against
Supreme Court of India
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received by the respondent, the, respondent filed a 'No Claim Certificate' whereby the respondent admitted and acknowledged that there ... Thus by reason of submission of the said "No Claim Certificate' the respondent was debarred from making any further claim
Calcutta High Court
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thereafter in December 1974. the plaintiff gave "no claim~ certificate". Exh 43. Before giving this certificate. the plaintiff had written ... above, in December 1974. the appellant-plaintiff Rave "no claim certificate". Exh, 43. The contents of the certificate have been
Gujarat High Court
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overhead, you are requested to give your unconditional "no claim certificate" foregoing the awards towards the above two items ... reply is requested. The decree-holder issued unconditional no claim certificate on 12-7-2004. Based on the said unconditional
Andhra High Court
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forms to be used for any application, certificate, claim, declaration, licence, permit, registration, return or other document, made, granted
Central Government Act
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consent for the above in addition to a No-claim Certificate so that final payment is processed. Thanking ... consent for the same "in addition to a No-claim Certificate so that final payment is processed." 13. In response
Delhi High Court
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after receiving final payment on furnishing a "no claim certificate", the applicant, in their letter dated 27.06.2006, consolidated their claims ... Counsel would contend that the question whether the no-claim certificate was conclusive or not fell within the arbitrator
Andhra High Court
- Cites 29 - Cited by 1 - Full Document
acceptance of final measurements and giving a "no claim" certificate in the final bill. The arbitrator therefore found that signing ... quantity and above all he gave an absolute no claim certificate in the final bill. The final measurements of volume
Bombay High Court
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