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claim was not barred by limitation by exclusion and ouster and defendants 1 and 2 in the suit ... thereby lost her right by exclusion and ouster ? (3) Whether the Lower Appellate Court was right in omitting to note
Supreme Court of India
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Rowther and the members of his branch and by ouster for nearly three decades, and the members of the other ... Sangheer Khan or by separate and exclusive possession and ouster for nearly three decades, with the result that the right
Madras High Court
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Adverse Possession-Possession of co-heir, when adverse- Ouster-Possession of Receiver pendente lite, if can be tacked. HEADNOTE ... from January 20, 1930, was adverse and amounted to ouster of the other co-heirs, such adverse possession
Supreme Court of India
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other co-sharer which may amount to ouster. We need not dwell upon this aspect of the matter in this ... sharer who claims or asserts ouster to prove the same. The point with which we are concerned is: Should
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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court--Interpretation of clauses of such co n- tract-Ouster clause II--Interpretation and constructi on of--In particular: Section ... Civil Procedure Code -Civil court--Jurisdi c- tion-Ouster of--Interpretation of clauses of contract. Statutory Interpretation 'Ouster clause '--Construction
Supreme Court of India
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Structure cannot invariably be treated as conclusive evidence of ouster, tor it may well be, that a property cannot ... without making extensive and substantial improvements. The test of ouster in such a case is whether the plaintiff has sustained
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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disputed by Mr. Sarma. There was, therefore, an open ouster by Prafulla since 1950. The plaintiff brought the suit ... contesting respondents did not raise any plea nor proved ouster of other co-sharers. Mr. Amlan Kumar Ghosh, learned counsel
Supreme Court of India
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Kerala High Court E. Keshava Bhat vs K.S. Subraya Bhat on 29 August, 1979
Kerala High Court
- Cites 53 - Cited by 49 - Full Document
Training dated 10th August, 2010 whereby protection against ouster of those appointed in the Scheduled Tribe category had been extended ... case (supra) followed in subsequent decisions, extended protection against ouster from service to those appointed in the Scheduled Tribe category
Supreme Court of India
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Fathima Bee having become barred by limitation by ouster and that as such the Plaintiffs too had lost that right ... knowledge of the other so as to construe ouster. [527A] The High Court in the instant case committed a serious
Supreme Court of India
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