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relying on or on the basis of the purported policy decision of the Government taken on 16.9.2005 by an order ... legitimate expectation to obtain licences in view of the policy decision of the State and, thus, it could not have
Supreme Court of India
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KIRPAL, J. The validity of the decision of the Union of India to disinvest and transfer 51% shares ... Public Sector Undertakings. In pursuance to the policy of disinvestment by a Resolution dated 23rd August, 1996 the Ministry
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 45 - Cited by 342 - Full Document
granted create a monopoly in favour of the licencees. Policy decision of the State to privitise the liquor distilleries after ... filing writ petition after the implementation of the policy decision dated 30.12.84--Seven licences acted upon and spent at least
Supreme Court of India
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indicated and, there is also no reference to any policy decision for not effecting the renewal. The applicants filed writ ... noticed by the Court that having regard to the policy decision adopted by the Government of India in the year
Supreme Court of India
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informed that the State of Maharashtra had taken a policy decision not to grant 'No Objection Certificate' ('NOC' for short ... also decided to communicate the said policy decision to the Maharashtra University stating that if necessity will arise
Supreme Court of India
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respondents questioning the constitutionality of the said policy decision has been allowed by the High Court on the premise that ... State having an unfettered right to formulate a policy decision in regard to remission of sentence, the High Court committed
Supreme Court of India
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which reference would be made hereinafter took a policy decision which is reflected from Office Order issued ... fourth one, prior to taking of the purported policy decision dated 22.08.1996, the Authority had no jurisdiction either to recalculate
Supreme Court of India
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people possessing expertise and skill in the field its decision to develop the property ... Committee could not have taken a decision in regard to the change of policy; ii) when the second tender
Supreme Court of India
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State of Kerala. 2 By reason of a policy decision adopted by the Central Government, `tourism' was declared ... policy of the Central Government. Pursuant to the said policy decision, various incentives were to be granted. It was declared
Supreme Court of India
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square yard. Thereafter, a circular disguised as policy decision was issued in 1978 for allotment of land to sub-awardees ... square yard. 7. In furtherance of the so called policy decision, draw of lots was held on 23.12.1980 for allotment
Supreme Court of India
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