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17th day of August, 1964 ; or (iii) the Prime Minister' s Drought Relief- Fund; or (iiia) 9 the Prime Minister ... National Relief Fund; or] (iiiaa) 10 the Prime Minister' s Armenia Earthquake Relief Fund; or] 5. Substituted by the Finance
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 906
that is to say, the Council consisting of the Prime Minister and other Ministers of Cabinet rank under Article
Central Government Act
- Cites 16 - Cited by 277
Other provisions as to Ministers (1) The Prime Minister shall be appointed by the President and the other Ministers shall ... appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister (2) The Minister shall hold office during the pleasure
Central Government Act
- Cites 7 - Cited by 278
There shall be a Council of Ministers with the Prime Minister at the head to aid and advise the President
Central Government Act
- Cites 9 - Cited by 316
received by any person on behalf of- (i) the Prime Minister' s National Relief Fund; or (ii) the Prime Minister ... Fund (Promotion of Folk Art); or (iii) the Prime Minister' s Aid to Students Fund; 6 or] (iiia
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 452
Sections 34 , 120B , 302 and 307- - Assassination of Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi-- Conviction and sentence of death on Satwant ... security duty in the office of the deceased Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi and Kehar Singh, an Assistant
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 119 - Cited by 248 - Full Document
advice of the Council of Ministers with the Prime Minister at the head in the case of the Union ... keeps the President in close touch with the Prime Minister on matters of national importance and policy significance, and there
Supreme Court of India
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interlocutory proceedings. It appears that on 31.7.1972, the Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh, Maharasthra, Gujarat and Rajasthan had entered into ... compromise the matters in dispute with the assistance of Prime Minister of India. This led to a formal agreement dated
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 19 - Cited by 170 - Full Document
particular, in the instant case, as a Minister or Prime Minister-Power to ask for a review of provisional orders ... favour of her remaining in office 406 as Prime Minister and guiding the Party as its one and only leader
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 14 - Cited by 153 - Full Document
Cabinet known as Council of Ministers headed by Prime Minister under Article 75 (3) is the driving and steering body ... referred to. 3.3. Undoubtedly, the Prime Minister is enjoined under Article 78 to communicate to the President all decisions
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 66 - Cited by 186 - Full Document
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