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jurisdic- tion and not appearing--judgment, if binding--Private International Law--Applicability--Legatees under will--If legal representatives of deceased ... high Court held that under the rule of private international law all personal actions must be filed in the courts
Supreme Court of India
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Proof-If "coram non judice"-Scope of enquiry-Hindu Law--Joint family property- Disposal by Will-Code of Civil Procedure ... Mysore. But there is no general rule of private international law that a court can in no event exercise jurisdiction
Supreme Court of India
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Nevada decree depends on the rules of Indian Private International Law. Our notions of a genuine divorce and of substantial ... view thus : "Today undoubtedly Private International Law is National law. There exists an English private international law as distinct from
Supreme Court of India
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Private International Law. Domicile--Decision of a foreign Court when would operate as res judicata. Domicile-A mixed question ... well established principle of private international law that if a foreign judgment was obtained by fraud or if the proceedings
Supreme Court of India
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course--'Domicile'---Concept of in private international law-Inapposite and inapplicable in the context. Private International Law: Domicial--Concept ... clause. [678D-E] 4. Domicile which is a private international law or conflict of laws concept identifies a person
Supreme Court of India
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says that the defendant is formed under the Federal laws and the said section does not apply to the defendant ... provisions therein contained as also the principles of private international law in England as well as in India. The appellant
Bombay High Court
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governed by the Mitakshara School of Hindu Law and he has a son who has not been made a party ... necessary to apply the principles of private international law. 9. After the passing of the said orders dated 29th November
Calcutta High Court
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submitted himself, is by international law an absolute nullity. He is under no obligation of any kind to obey ... Rule 88 -- also Cheshire's Private International Law, Fourth Edn., p. 490 dealing with Judgments Extension Act, 1868). The general
Rajasthan High Court
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issue of domicile in the realm of private international law, two constituent elements that are necessary by the English ... uncertain maze of the rules of the Private International Law of the different countries with regard to jurisdiction and merits
Bombay High Court
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also retains the domicile of her husband and private international law brings in the conflict of laws supervening the field ... Private International Law where the laws of the country of the petitioner's alleged domicile would militate against laws
Calcutta High Court
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